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From Principal’s Desk

Keeping in mind the vision of our school “to achieve academic and professional excellence with character building” we endeavour for the all round development of each child so that they go out into the world with strength not only to reach and excel in their professional aspirations, but to remain dutiful human beings. Here they begin to learn their lessons of life to accept challenges, face competitions, accept failure and celebrate victory.

We at M.P.E. Society’s Central School strive to achieve highest level of quality education. Here, children excel not only in their academics but also in every sphere of life.

Assignments will be given on a regular basis keeping in mind the academic requirements. Every child is closely observed and monitored for extra-curricular abilities. Regular and fruitful Parent-Teacher meetings provide opportunities to interact and discuss each child’s development.

Students are always encouraged to make the best use of equipments and resources available: teachers, the Digital Teaching Systems, the library, the computer lab, the composite laboratory, music classes, indoor and outdoor sports, etc.

As far as the technological advancements concerned, the school administration has left no stone unturned to assist children in teaching them as per their capabilities, whether it is keeping a vigil on children ‘s activities through our CCTV gadget or redefining the experience of teaching by methodologies like smart classes.

Installing moral values in our students is our prime objective.

Mrs. Kanti Bhat