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Birth of M.P.E.Society

Great Visionary, Educationist Late Shri R.S. Hegde, then MLA and educationist realized the lack of facilities for higher education in this region. He, with the co-operation of eminent citizens and philanthropists, constituted the Malnad Progressive Education Society (M.P.E.SOCIETY)in 1964, with intention of establishing a college. In the same year, the S.D.M. College was inaugurated. In 2004, college received ‘A’Grade in NAAC accreditation and still holds that grade today.

Birth of M.P.E.Society Central School

This is the dream child of Dr. M. P. Karki , founder of M.P.E. Society Central School. He established modern progressive schooling in this region. Dr. M. P. Karki,the great visionary, to keep our students competitive and cater to the demands of enlightened public, under his eminent leadership decided to start imparting education with central syllabus. The school was started on first of June 2009.

Though the school enjoys an enviable reputation, it still adheres to the same ethical practices, which are at the core of the school’s functioning. The child is the main focus of the school. A child – centered school, can leave positive impact on each and every child. The prime motive of the school is positive transformation in each and every child.The fundamental aim is to inculcate good learning and good behavior in child.

About School

This campus and everything what we can see here is blessed with Lord Manjunatha and Lord Idagunji Maha Ganapathi. M.P.E.Society Central School strives to provide best possible facilities to its students including highly qualified teaching faculty, with the ultimate aim of providing an education of the highest order.


Teaching students how to learn is just as important as teaching them what to learn. We encourage our students to think for themselves, ask questions and pursue their interests through independent reading and research.

The curriculum is regularly updated to stimulate students interests as per the 21st century global world. Teachers are very much eager to make the classes as interactive as possible and use different methods to get the best out of each student.

Students are engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources. Art and Craft, Music, Yoga and Physical Education are additional curricular offerings to all students. There are also many enrichment activities including outbound trips and field visit to Village Panchayat, Bank, Police Station, and Court, etc.